Automatic Profile Drilling and Cutting Machine PDKM 1200 Drilling Cutting Unit Material Properties to be Processed Punching Cut Unit For All Types of Profiles (H,I,U,L,Box Profiles, etc.) Section Height Min. (mm): 80 Max. (mm):600 Section Width Min. (mm): 80 Max. (mm):1200 For Sheet Material (With Sheet Slider) Section Height Min. (mm): 12 Max. Thickness mm […]

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Cut To Length Control System Excentric Rotary Knife It can make 160 cuts per minute. Line speed for 2000 mm length is 75 m/min. Line speed for under 500 mm is 80 m/min. Programmed with Simotion D425. The stacking part is made with servo motors. It is done with a closed loop torque control system […]

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